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Sports Events WiFi

Live Sporting Events – Online

All modern sporting events have an online presence now, whether its an online ‘Leader Board’, results page or just live Tweets of results, sports lovers expect and want to be able to follow their favourite sport in real-time. Cloudcase enables that by providing high bandwidth cellular bandwidth at events easily – with no setup or fuss. Just plug it in and go.

Cellular Congestion can be painful

With a stadium full of spectators, all with smartphones in their pockets, RF conjestion can be a tricky thing to overcome. Cloudcase with its professional high gain cellular antennas provide the best possible chance of getting – and maintaining, a connection.

Captive Portal for Guest WiFi Access

Use the Cloudcase’s inbuilt captive portal to provide social login services in exchange for user data and build facts about the spectators and visitors to the event.

Live Audio and Video Streaming

Broadcast an event live – direct to the internet and youtube.

Project Detail
8th January 2015
Use Cases
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