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Rapid and Temporary Installations

Perfect for when you need connectivity quick

Sometimes due to seasonal demand or because of disaster, new premises are needed very quickly and along with them connectivity to enterprise resources.

Cloudcase is the quickest way to get a new building connected – not only to the internet but also to your enterprise network, and the best bit is that it can be delivered and installed by anyone immediately. Just plug it in and turn it on and you’re done.

Secure, Centrally Managed Connectivity

Once powered up, Cloudcase will create a secure 256bit AES VPN connection back to the corporate network, extending your WAN to the new location securely over public cellular.

Manage all configurations centrally using the cloud management platform and push configuration changes instantly such as new WiFi AP settings, captive portals for guest WiFi access and even intelligent traffic management rules.

Use Cellular for failover

Once fixed line services have been installed (like DSL or Fibre) simply plug it into the Cloudcase and the cellular connectivity will be put into a hot standby mode, maintaining connectivity if the fixed line were to fail.

When you’re done – unplug it and walk away

Once you’ve finished with the temporary location, get the last person who leaves to unplug the Cloudcase and take it with them. There’s no need to send an IT engineer to site, and if you redeploy the device to a new location you can reconfigure it using the cloud service without needing to get it returned to your office.

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8th January 2015
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Rapid and Temporary Fixed Installations