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Portable CCTV

Video Streaming Anywhere

Deploy CCTV anywhere using the high bandwidth connection from Cloudcase in its convenient rugged enclosure. With its ability to be battery powered, the Cloudcase is particularily suitable to temporary installations / deployments for events or to catch fly tippers in country lanes.

Failover to Cellular

For CCTV installations with existing fixed line connectivity, the Cloudcase provides failover to cellular in the event wired internet connectivity is lost – keeping you connected and in the picture.

Mobile CCTV Installations

Need CCTV on a bus, taxi or in a commercial vehicle? The Cloudcase is perfect for dual purpose deployments where both internet access (for secure corporate or public use) and secure CCTV streaming is required. Enabling you to reserve bandwidth and prioritise the video stream over any other traffic in a shared scenario – you can even deploy a captive portal (with social logon) for public WiFi use.

Project Detail
8th January 2015
Use Cases
Portable CCTV