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Connectivity for Outdoor Events

Cellular WiFI for Events

The Cloudcase is perfectly suited to deployments at events, with its capability to provide wifi connectivity for both organisers and attendees and its inbuilt captive portal functionality – including social login, attendee demographics are obtainable too.

Site Wide Communication

For organisers, vendors and staff, the cloudcase can provide a secure site wide wifi network with additional coverage (and bandwidth) provided by multiple cases deployed across the site. This network can allow for side wide VoIP, Radio over IP and other forms of instant communication, as well as connectivity for point of sale card readers and displays, cctv and message boards.

Captive Portal Possibilities

For the public, cloud case is a great way to provide communication on event timings, special offers and other advertisement based opportunities through the use of the in built captive portal with optional social logon.

Lots of power possibilities

With an accepted input range of 10-30V, the cloudcase can be powered from batteries, mains outlets and solar panels, enabling it to be positioned in the perfect locations to provide the best coverage.

Project Detail
8th January 2015
Use Cases
Frank Emily