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Mobile Workers

IT Efficiency Anywhere

All enterprises are looking at the best way to take advantage of modern technologies for their workforce – none more so that those with a mobile workforce of sales reps, engineers and specialist staff at the sharp end of customer satisfaction. The trouble is that even when staff are equipped with the latest tablets and smartphones, their connectivity is not always guaranteed, with many areas suffering from poor cellular coverage.

Staying Connected

Cloudcase improves the chances of them connecting dramatically, with built in high gain cellular antennas and the ability to use more than one SIM from different mobile service providers – switching automatically between them depending on coverage.

Extend the Enterprise Network Anywhere

Cloudcase supports 256bit AES encryption, with centralised configuration and management of all security settings from VPN configurations to remote WiFI SSIDs. Create a secure VPN to your vehicles, your staff and their devices. If you have staff working from customer premises or from home, the Cloudcase continues to provide secure point to point VPN encryption even when connected over third party wired and wireless networks instead of directly over cellular.

GPS Tracking

With its inbuilt GPS reciever, the Cloudcase can be tracked live online so you always know where it is, enabling efficient staff and fleet management and logistics.

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8th January 2015
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