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Marine WiFi

An Alternative to Marina WiFi

Marina WiFI (if available) is frequently over subscribed and tends to offer poor performance. Cloudcase provides your own cellular internet hotspot which can provide a much better user experience.

Grab and Go

Cloudcase is a completely self contained solution, with all antennas built into the rugged case making it perfectly portable. Other solutions require costly and time consuming physical installation, with the drilling of holes in masts and through bulkheads, and once installed you can only use it when aboard. Cloudcases grab and go nature means that you can have it in your car as you drive to the marina, install it in moments when you are aboard your vessel and then take it with you again when you leave.

Intelligent Lowest Cost Routing

The Cloudcase supports external alternative internet access methods (like VSAT) and combines intelligent WAN path management to allow for lowest cost routing. This means that when close to the shore the Cloudcase uses its inbuilt cellular, but as it moves out of provider coverage it automatically fails over to the connected VSAT providing uninterrupted internet access. Additional rules can be applied to limit the the types of traffic allowed over each type of WAN link – reducing bandwidth consumption and associated costs when running on VSAT.

Project Detail
8th January 2015
Use Cases
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