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Reducing delays from months to moments

Construction companies are early adopters of technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), thin clients, and virtualization to help streamline the construction process. With a growing requirement for IT within the construction process, most firms will look to cover the connectivity gap between remote sites and their datacenter by providing 3G dongles, 3G routers, or wired broadband. Where possible, companies will install ADSL connectivity, but the lead times on lines are unpredictable and could be anything from a few weeks to several months. These delays and uncertainties add significant frustration and, potentially, cost to projects.

Security and Manageability

Although cellular dongles and Mi-Fi units can work to a certain extent, to obtain the best possible signal and provide secure communications with enterprise resources the only viable option is a centrally managed enterprise grade cellular router such as those from Peplink. However, until now, the delivery and deployment of a cellular router with the required antennas has been an expensive and time consuming process involving an engineer from the IT department who has to visit the site to install and configure the equipment.

The Cloudcase Proposition

A fully configured enterprise grade router can be delivered by any member of staff such as the site foreman or even a courier to a remote site and set up in seconds.

This speeds up the deployment process, saves on human resources from the IT department and enables on site staff with no IT experience to move the case around the site as required.

Project Detail
28th January 2015
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