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Connectivity – Wherever you might be

Yes, you’re on holiday, but getting online isn’t always about work. Online maps, booking tickets to nearby activities, or simply keeping the kids quiet whilst trying to get where you want to be can all help to make a good holiday that little bit better.

Chuck it in and go

Pop the Cloudcase on the back parcel shelf, plug it into the 12v accessories socket and turn it on to get instant connectivity. Use up to two sims from different providers for coverage (to keep you connected as you move) and additional bandwidth (use cheap PAYG sims for a great bang for your buck). Track your journey live with the inbuilt GPS, and share your location with your friends so they know when to expect you.

Beat the Campsite WiFi costs (and limitations)

Campsite WiFi (if it exists at all) is normally oversubscribed and can be very expensive. Create your own private and secure WiFi hotspot making the most of local 3G/4G/LTE bandwidth.

If your campsite has great WiFi even better – connect to it with your Cloudcase and give your data sims a rest, with no configuration changes on your family devices, you’ll all be online in no time.

If you do need to do some work – do it securely

Connect your Cloudcase to your home and office networks securely using 256bit AES encryption – even when using consumer data sims with private IP ranges. Being remote doesn’t mean you can’t get work done if you need to.

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28th January 2015
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