Why do you only support Peplink/Pepwave Routers?

Peplink routers, access points and associated technology are in our opinion not only industry leading but also really great value too.

If you take a moment and consider the current product landscape, although there are competitors who have product in the cellular space, none of them have the same level of maturity, technological advances or such a broad product range as Peplink do.

A cloudcase is fundamentally just an enclosure (at least for the time being) that fits a number of Peplink products like a glove. As an enclosure, the end solution incorporating a cloudcase will only ever be as good as the hardware inside.

We took the decision to only use the very best technology and materials in the cloudcase, and our choosing to design the cloudcase for Peplink products reflects that decision.

Does the cloudcase come with a Peplink/Pepwave router?

Yes and No. Cloudcase is only part of the solution, and to have a cloudcase without a router doesn’t make any sense at all.

We sell cloudcase through our network of resellers in the UK and further afield, all of whom are themselves Peplink resellers – we don’t sell direct to the end user.

So if you are a reseller, you can buy cloudcases directly from our channel and they come with all the fixings and tools you need to add a Peplink product to it to form the solution.

As an end user you can buy a cloudcase solution from our resellers which is one of our cases combined with a router from them.

What's included in a cloudcase?

V1000 of the cloudcase comes with the following integrated components.

Wifi Antenna
External GPS Antenna Connection
MIMO LTE antennas.
V2000 additionally comes with:

External ethernet connector
More powerful cellular antennas
We also do custom builds that include:

More than one external ethernet connector (as required)
Dual redundant hot swap power inputs that accept any voltage between 10-30v from any source
Internal or external battery pack
IoT platform for environmental monitoring
local network attached storage server

Can I order a Black/Red/Pink cloudcase?

No. We only build our cases in cloudcase yellow enclosures.

There might be some really good technical reasons we could argue as to why (black plastic tends to have a high carbon content which can attenuate RF signals), but the truth is we like Yellow, and by standardising on a single colour we reduce our supplier and logistics overheads (which ultimately saves everyone money).

Is the cloudcase waterproof?

The cloudcase can be used either open or closed for extended periods of time. When closed the enclosure is tentatively rated at IP65 (dust tight, and impervious to low pressure water jets) which we still need to confirm with additional testing.

We are also looking at methods to improve the IP rating when closed to raise it to a rating of IP66 or IP67 (with IP66 being more likely). What this means is that you can leave the closed cloudcase outside in the rain (and it should be fine), but we don’t recommend you go swimming with it.

When open the case has a rating of IP20, so it is best used under cover and protected from dust. Dust isn’t a big factor though for either the v1000 or v2000 cases as there are no active cooling or moving parts in these models.

There are RF advantages to the case being used in its open position. The antennas which are built into the lid of the case will have a longer range when vertical for example. However we have deployed the cloudcase closed in buses and coaches already with full coverage of these vehicles, so ultimately the preference of open or closed will depend on your deployment scenario.

Slingshot Six Ltd

What do we do?

Slingshot6 is a manufacturer of accessories for Peplink & Pepwave products. We build physical and software products that facilitate the use and installation of these products.

We do this by forming very close relationships and partnerships with our key suppliers and technology partners.

Why Do We Do it?

Slingshot 6 was formed due to frustration experienced in trying to win large scale 1000+ cellular router installation projects.

Although M2M and IoT as buzz words have been around for many years now, there are surprisingly few truly large scale projects that are live and in production today.

The cause? Not the physical technology like routers, antennas and interfaces – which are all long proven, perhaps ‘big data’ management challenges have played a role to a certain extent (for those projects that collect data of course which are not all of them by any means), but in our experience so far one of the biggest challenges are the operational ones of installation and subsequent service management.

When you want to deploy cellular connectivity to 100, 1000 or even 10,000 locations be they fixed or in vehicle, the cost of the traditional approach to installation (human IT engineering resources installing each unit by hand) – and the subsequent service monitoring and management costs, can completely eclipse the costs of actually buying the hardware and paying for the cellular data.

Imagine how long it takes to drill holes in brick walls and vehicle bulkheads to run antennas, how many staff you need on site to do this quickly and efficiently (at least two normally), and the level of qualification the engineering team would need themselves to configure the hardware as they install it.

Slingshot 6 is based on the belief that these costs, and the challenges of finding quality engineering for national and global territories are the biggest barrier to large scale deployment of M2M/IoT in enterprise environments.

So we came up with a very simple idea. Make a completely self contained solution, in a rugged enclosure that can be easily shipped by courier, and make the installation possible by anyone.

This is what cloudcase delivers.