All Cellular Antenna Switching Needs to be this easy…

All Cellular Antenna Switching Needs to be this easy…

Its much harder than it looks

It has taken a surprising amount of time and effort to make this tiny PCBA jump off of the drawing board. Not to mention a steady hand and a high powered magnifying glass. What is it? I hear you ask, well we have some of the worlds best cellular, wifi and GPS antennas built into our cases, and they do a great job in nearly all situations, however there are some circumstances where we might get slightly more signal by using an external antenna, and as we all know more signal can allow for more bandwidth – and we’re bandwidth hungry here at Slingshot Six…

What does it do?

This is a RF switch circuit, it allows us to connect two antennas (an internal and an optional external antenna) to an output on the Pepwave Router and switch between them using a button press. No more unscrewing SMA connectors from the back of the router and connecting new antennas whilst potentially damaging the connector or putting strain on the signal cable!

Internal and External Antenna Connectivity on Demand

Instead, the idea here is that we will add external SMA connectors to the case that will be permanently wired to the RF switch circuit and you’ll be able to connect an additional cellular, GPS or WiFi antenna to the case as and when you need to, switching between the internal and external antennas using a simple press of a button! Nice right?
IMG_0257 copy
Soon you will be able to add a directional antenna to the top of your yachts mast, or position antennas on the roof of your metal roofed workshop and easily connect them to your cloudcase whenever you need them.

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