Enterprise Cellular Internet Connectivity - In a Box.

Built to provide the best possible internet service anywhere, the Slingshot cloudcase® range of enclosures takes the world's best Cellular Routers and hugs them with complementary hardware - improving performance and providing a complete portable go anywhere solution.

Keeping You Online

With dual mimo antennas built right into the lid, cloudcase offers the best possible chance of getting you online - even in weak cellular signal areas or indoors.

Connect your devices and track them in real time

With inbuilt WiFi antennas and external GPS antenna connection, not only can you connect up to 20 devices, but you can also track the location of your cloudcase online too.

Built to go where you go

Built to keep you connected wherever you go - even hostile environments, the cloudcase is perfect for deployment in marine, construction, and the back of your families MPV.

Connect to devices or other networks

The external ethernet connection is dual purpose. It can be used to connect a local device or switch or it can connect the cloudcase to an existing internet connection.

Remote Monitoring and Configuration

Extend your enterprise network anywhere. Use the Cloud to track your cloudcase, reconfigure the router and remotely access your devices over a secure VPN.

Install in seconds - send via courier

Cloudcase is a connectivity problem solver. Ship it to wherever you need connectivity and turn it on, get customers back online quickly or whilst they are waiting for traditional fixed lines to be installed.

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From construction sites to cruise ships, warehouses to white work vans, sporting events to festivals. Once you have a secure always on WiFi connection you'll want to use it everywhere... see below for some inspiration.

Why Cloudcase?

Whether you're buying one for yourself, for your business or buying a pallet load to resell to your customers, we're here to help.

Perfect for Managed Service providers

As an easily shipped, rugged enclosure, requiring no user assembly or configuration, the cloudcase can be deployed by the end user themselves.

Combined will full cloud based remote management, monitoring and configuration management, once deployed there is no need for any on site engineering.

Easy for end users

With intelligent WAN management built in, enabling the cloudcase to prioritise which SIM card or wired WAN link is used automatically based on availability and priority, and as all components are connected within the case, the only thing an end user needs to do is plug in the power adapter or connect a battery pack and turn it on.

Wide choice of power options

The cloudcase accepts any power source within a 10-30v range. Power directly from the mains adapter, in car 12v, in pocket 12v battery or even 24V power sources like those found on public transport and heavy vehicles.

Customisable to your requirements

From branding, to batteries and even in case compute, the cloudcase is fully customisable to your requirements.

We are happy to build cases for any of the products within the Peplink portfolio, supporting anywhere from 1 to 6 4G/LTE modems as well as the full range of access points and web caching gateways.


Our Technology Partners

We are very lucky to have fantastic support from our technology partners - seriously, we couldn't do this without them.